October 2021

NAFE1 Email Discussion List


What is NAFE1?

NAFE1 private discussion group accessible for members of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE). Discussion topics include any and all issues related to Forensic Engineering. 

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the NAFE1 Archives. (The current archive is only available to the list members).


How do I join the NAFE1 list?

Membership in this discussion group can only be obtained by first obtaining membership in NAFE. See the NAFE web site at www.nafe.org for details regarding membership qualifications.  If you meet all the eligibility criteria, you'll be able to add yourself to the list here.


I sent an email, but did not see the post...?

The email service is configured to not deliver a copy of the message to the email list to the person who originally sent the email.  It is possible to change this if there is interest within the group.  If there is interest, add your name to the "NAFE1 Include Sender" poll via our webforms system.


What if I feel there is inappropriate content?

You are encouraged to contact the NAFE1 email list moderator.  Please forward the email in question to: nafe1-owner@nafe.org.  Be sure to include a short note about the concern(s) associated with the email.  The moderator will respond to your email to acknowledge receipt and proposed action(s).


What are the NAFE1 list rules?

1. The Email group is for educational and technical information exchange by NAFE Fellows, Senior Members, Members, Associate Members, and Affiliates.

2. The goal of the Email group is to improve and advance the practice of Forensic Engineering. Unsolicited advertising of services is prohibited. Any offering of services shall be done off-line. Participants in their communications within the group shall avoid matters relating Academy policies, procedures or governance.

3. The Email Group Committee shall consist of two Moderators appointed by the President, plus five additional members, consisting of the President, Executive Director, Treasurer, Secretary, and the NAFE CPD Committee Chair.

4. The two Moderators selected by the President shall be NAFE Members, Senior Members, or Fellows in good standing in the Academy, including being current as to payment of dues and satisfaction of CPD requirements. They shall serve for two-year overlapping terms and may be re-appointed. There shall be two levels of participation in the Email group. First, the Moderators will have primary responsibility for the system operation and will have complete access thereto, including the ability to add, limit or prohibit participation in the email group. Second, will be by the NAFE Affiliates, Associate Members, Members, Senior Members, Fellows. Moderators shall have necessary passwords and access to control the workings of the Email group.

5. Participants in the Email group must be in good standing in NAFE, including being current as to payment of dues, and for Associate Members, Members, Senior Members, and Fellows, current in the satisfaction of CPD requirements.

6. Emails posted to the email group shall not to be transmitted or distributed in any form outside of the NAFE Email group without the written permission of the originator and shall not be used for public critique or impeachment of the author. Violation of this rule may constitute a breach of ethics and may trigger a NAFE ethics review.

7. Permission to use messages in their complete form may be presumed if permission was initially granted by the author with the written phrase "PERMISSION TO DISSEMINATE GRANTED" incorporated and displayed within the original message. Excerpts may be used only if the author and a Moderator provide written permission.

8. Personal attacks or the placement of material in poor taste or demeaning to others whether they are members of the Academy is prohibited, may constitute a breach of ethics and may trigger a NAFE ethics review.

9. Emails regarding forensic engineering practice issues are open to fair criticism and debate and alternative perspectives are encouraged.

10. Members changing email addresses shall inform the Moderators promptly of such changes.

11. All messages must be typed with the first name or initials and the last name of the sender and include the member number and grade.

Participation in this group is a privilege that is extended to NAFE members, but it is not a right guaranteed by NAFE. Participants in this Group must abide by this NAFE operating procedure; failure to do so may result in removal from the Group. Failure to abide by NAFE1 discussion group rules may result in sanction or removal from this Group as may be determined at the sole discretion of the members of the Email Committee. The two Moderators are empowered to take immediate corrective action as necessary to assure the continued operation of the group within the boundaries of this Operating Procedure. Person(s) alleged to have violated the rules of the group shall be sent notice of the allegation and shall then have the opportunity to respond. The determination of the Committee shall be final.


Who are the current Moderators?

  • Michael A. Stichter, PhD, PE, DFE  (2022- ??)
  • Robert O. Peruzzi, PhD, PE, DFE (2021- ??)
  • Rune Storesund, D.Eng., P.E., G.E., DFE (2021- ??)