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Name Description
Admissions Committee The Admissions Committee shall thoughtfully evaluate and process each application for membership or change in membership grade against the standards established in the Bylaws, render decisions as to the candidate's acceptance, non‐acceptance, or, in the case of Fellow, eligibility.
ASTM E58 Liaisons NAFE's connections to the E58 Committee on Forensic Engineering at ASTM
Audit Committee The Committee shall review the accounts of the Academy and shall issue a report to the Board within ninety days from the end of the fiscal year of the Academy. The Committee shall arrange for an independent review of the accounts periodically, as directed by the Board. The Committee shall audit the board‐certified membership on a regular and random basis to verify compliance with CESB board certification requirements ‐ such as NSPE and Technical Society Memberships and Professional Licensure.
Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation Committee The Committee shall receive comments and recommendations from the membership regarding perceived need for changes to the Articles of Incorporation (AOI) and Bylaws of the Academy. The Committee shall propose recommended changes to the AOI and Bylaws for action by the Board of Directors.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee The Committee shall implement and monitor the CPD procedures initially adopted by the Board of Directors in 1993, added as Appendix 2 in 1994, and as modified. The CPD Committee shall distribute record keeping forms to the membership within a reasonable time prior to the annual reporting deadline stated in Appendix 2. The CPD Committee shall receive, record, and analyze CPD data supplied by the membership, and advise each member of the results of the analysis within the deadline stated in Appendix2.
Contract Documents Committee The Contract Documents Committee shall draft and periodically update a model contract document or a series of contract documents which would be suitable for use by forensic engineers in the rendering of professional services
Education Committee The Committee will maintain contact with other engineering and Technical societies relative to education activities. The Committee will plan the NAFE Sunday Educational Seminars with the consideration of serving NAFE members and members of other engineering and technical societies. The committee will work in conjunction any DISCIPLINE SPECIFIC COMMITTEE in the presentation of Sunday Special Educational Seminars when needed.
Ethics Committee The Committee shall conduct and maintain a review of the codes of ethics of NSPE and the national engineering technical societies from the viewpoint of forensic practice. The Committee shall make appropriate reports and recommendations to the Board for additional standards of practice to supplement and interpret those codes as they may apply to (1) the practice of forensic engineering and (2) the Professional Policies applicable to the procedures of NAFE. The Committee shall receive and consider any complaints and charges alleging unethical practice of members and take appropriate action in accord with NAFE Policy. The Committee shall be chaired by a Director of the Academy.
Finance Committee The Finance Committee shall analyze the projected income and expenses of the Academy and recommend an operating budget to the Board of Directors for approval for each fiscal year.
Inspector of Elections Committee The Committee shall inspect and pass upon all ballots.
Insurance Committee The Committee shall make recommendations regarding liability insurance.
Legislative Committee The Legislative Committee will monitor any possible federal or state legislation that may have an effect on the practice of forensic engineers, will maintain liaison with the NSPE Legislative Committee and the NSPE General Counsel, and will report their findings and request recommended actions to the Board of Directors.
Long Range Planning Committee The Committee will prepare a long range plan and develop strategies to achieve this plan for submission to the Board of Directors. The Committee will also prepare short range (annual) plans and will monitor their effectiveness for reporting to the Board of Directors. All such plans will project the future posture of the Academy, including financial planning.
Membership Committee The membership committee shall assist the board in maintaining a sustainable flow of new dues‐payers into the Academy.

The Committee will mentor new members (if requested by new member), pair First‐Time seminar attendees with current NAFE members ("the buddy system") and actively encourage members to upgrade to higher membership levels and potential board‐certification.
NAFE1 Email Discussion List The committee will monitor and moderate the NAFE1 email discussion list.
Nominating Committee The Committee shall nominate a slate of persons recommended for election as officers (but not Directors‐at‐ Large) of the Academy. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be made to the members at least sixty days prior to the midyear semiannual meeting of the Board.
Public Relations Committee The Committee shall strive to promote efforts to bring the Academy to the attention of those who may utilize the services offered by Academy members, as well as to other interested parties and organizations.

The Committee will serve an ambassador role prior to NAFE meetings by contacting meeting-specific state and engineering discipline specific representatives of Engineering Boards and Engineering Societies and inform them of these events by extending invitations as appropriate. Suggest begin contact 3 months prior to Summer/Winter Meeting.

The Committee will also assist in the advertising endeavors of the academy overseeing of procurement of advertisement materials (Mechanicals) in print and electronic advertisements for various publications in support of NAFE meetings and events.

The committee shall advertise the addition of member grade additions to the academy on NAFE’s LinkedIn site.

Photography – The committee chair will assign an academy member or members to photograph NAFE events including receptions, seminars and meetings for use in advertising and public relations endeavors.

The Committee will oversee a 2019 Task Group to seek out a Public Relations Consultant to provide a study recommending the actions needed to increase membership and awareness of the academy.
Publications and Online Learning Committee The committee will coordinate the development of online promotional or learning modules to assist or complement activities of the Public Relations, Traffic Crash Reconstruction and Fire Investigation Committees

The Committee should communicate with THE EDUCATION COMMITTEE to access the possibilities of SPECIAL SEMINARS being videotaped for future viewing as a commercial product.
WWW and IT Committee The Committee will serve as the Webmaster for NAFE. The Committee will be responsible for maintaining NAFE digital infrastructure and assist other members in the use of digital tools.