September 2020

Continuing Professional Competency


All Members, Senior Members and Fellows of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE), excepting those who are Life Members (as defined in NAFE Bylaws) or exempt for reasons of hardship, are required to maintain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits with the Academy as evidence of currency and competence in the professional practice of forensic engineering. Each new member of the Academy is required to submit this evidence upon entry to the Academy.

A Member, Senior Member or Fellow having at least 100 CPD credits tallied from any of the previous five years will be deemed as a member in good standing of the NAFE (subject to dues payment and other requirements) and thereby "Certified by NAFE as a Diplomate in Forensic Engineering in accord with the guidelines of the Council of Engineering Specialty Boards (CESB)" for the subsequent three years. However, for administrative currency, it is required that CPD information be brought up to date each year.

The CPD submissions are intended to provide a simple basis for summarizing your status as a continuing and current practitioner. CPD credits may be accrued from among five categories: academic credits (AC), contact credits (CC), practice credits (PC), self-study credits (SC), and community volunteer credits (CV). A maximum of eighty (80) credits are available for any single year. One hundred (100) credits are needed from within the five year span to qualify for the certification.

If you are filing for the first time, and you have 100 or more credits ALLOWED after three year's tally, there is no need to complete the two prior year's forms.

It is not intended that you provide any "back-up" documents, such as copies of course certificates, case listings, etc.

Members, Senior Members and Fellows who do not meet the CPD requirements, and who are not retired or exempted, will be allowed to continue as conditional members subject to timely payment of dues, etc. for no more than twelve months. At that time they will be severed from membership status (and any certification previously attained,) but may be transferred to a non-member, non-certified, affiliate status under the title of Correspondent of NAFE. Subsequent readmission to full membership and certification may be allowed subject to submission of satisfactory credits to meet CPD requirements.