May 2024 - Letter from the Secretary James Drebelbis

Submitted by Executive Director on Thu, 05/23/2024 - 19:01

Date: May 22, 2024

Dear NAFE Members:

Each year the NAFE Board includes a minimum of one and a maximum of two Directors at Large positions. They are nominated only through a petition of the membership. Any Member, Senior Member or Fellow may petition to serve on the Board as a Director at Large. Directors at Large must petition each year. If less than three members petition, the petitioners assume directorships without balloting.

With this email, I am formally soliciting nominations for the 2025 Directors at Large which are due July 9, 2024. There is no set form for the petition except for the following:

  • The petition should state that it is a petition to nominate the candidate for the position of Director at Large, sought for 2025.
  • The petition must be endorser by at least ten voting members of the Academy in good standing (Member, Senior Member or Fellow). Endorsers should sign the original petition with a signature including their name, contact information, NAFE number, and membership grade. Alternatively, endorsers may individually email me with their signature and a copy of the petition.
  • All signed documents from petitioners and endorsers must reach me, as your Secretary, by July 9th: James R. Drebelbis, jim [at]

Additionally, qualified Academy members may run for officer positions that are included in the slate as detailed in the Nominating Committee Report (here). By submitting a petition, in the same manner as above, members in good standing may run for slated positions, prompting a contested election.

All candidates, nominators, endorsers, and those who participate in an election must be current in dues and CPDs.

Upon receipt of your petition, I will confirm that the 10+ signers provided in support of each potential candidate are current voting members of the Academy, and that the candidate and endorsers are of the appropriate grade. At the semiannual meeting on July 19, 2024, I will certify to the membership that unopposed candidates have been elected and/or that an election will be held for contested positions. 

Please watch you email for further information.


James R. Drebelbis

NAFE Secretary